Crown Breakage!

OK so I know I've already written a post on crown and nape breakage, but having experienced crown breakage in the past and recovered fr...

OK so I know I've already written a post on crown and nape breakage, but having experienced crown breakage in the past and recovered from it, this past problem of mine has returned with a vengeance. 

You can view a list of some of the possible causes and solutions for such breakage here, but I will explain what I believe to be the two reasons for mine:

To begin, the hair in my crown (the middle of my head) is a different texture to the rest. It's drier, thicker and frizzier, but its rough texture should not be confused with strength as it's the most delicate part of my head. I know many women, whether natural or relaxed, deal with the same predicament. Don't believe me? Check out this thread on Long Hair Care Forum

crown breakage
It's embarrassing but let's be honest (straightened hair)
So the hairs in my crown are of a different texture - so what? 

It's already been established that transitioning can cause line of demarcation breakage. In my crown area specifically, the difference between the two textures was more prominent, meaning a weaker demarcation line. However, even if you aren't journeying to natural hair, having a patch of different textured hair can still bring you problems. Why?

Different textures have different needs.

I've been treating my crown the same way I treat the rest of my hair. The hairs in this area are extra dry, but I neglected to provide them with more moisture and attention. I only realised what I should have done when it was too late and my hair broke off. Now I'm left with a patch of natural hair where all of the relaxed ends have broken off.

I know it doesn't help that I straighten my hair but that's a hurdle I need to jump over in my own time. Hey, don't judge - six months ago I was 'never going natural!'

Secondly, I have a weirdly shaped skull.
In the exact place where my hair is broken, my skull dips in quite a bit (it's freaky). I believe this anatomical factor is part of the reason for my breakage. My mechanical tools (brushes, combs etc) glide smoothly through my hair until they reach this part of my head where they're confronted with this moon crater. I can only suspect this is part of the cause as it seems too much of a coincidence that the breakage is in this exact place.

How will I recover from this breakage?

I've been dealing with this problem for a few months and I'm making progress. If you think the above picture is bad, I wish you could have seen it at the beginning. While the breakage is not visible wearing my hair out normally, I'll be going to get another hair cut in the next few days. I'm going to be more generous with the moisturising in this area, and seal with a heavier oil. I already apply conditioners with an applicator brush to ensure full coverage.

I will be doing an update post in September to see how this area is progressing.

How did you overcome your breakage? How do you prevent it? Let me know!

See: 8 week update

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  1. Good you started treating the damaged area quickly it will be fixed in no time.